Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Long Time, No See!

As most of you know, we are now living in Glendale, Arizona and have been for about three months now. Justin is attending Medical School at Midwestern University and is doing quite well. I am very proud of him. He goes to classes from 8-5 most days, studies in-between classes as well as at lunch time. When he comes home at about 5:30 everyday, we have dinner and he plays with Kinley till  her bedtime (7:30). Then he goes back to studying till his bedtime. Saturdays are study days and he has decided to keep Sundays focused on church and family.  Justin works very hard, but I am so grateful for the time he makes for Kinley and I. I expected the worst coming into only hear about the horror stories of medical students never being home, etc. I know that rotations will be a different story, but for now, things are doing well. I love Arizona thus far...the people have been great and so nice! We have been really enjoying our apartment complex and it is so close to everything. You name the store or restaurant and it is more than likely in walking distance. And did I tell you that the mall is across the street? Literally! Makes it really nice when Justin needs the car and Kinley and I can just walk to the store, park, etc.  The heat hasn't been too bad, as long as you stay inside most of the day. But now that it's mid October, it is cooling down quite a bit, especially during the evenings. I am looking forward to our winter...much better than the Utah snow.

My life right now consists of Kinley and I teaching each other. In the last few months she has evolved into a VERY active child. Shes not bad, just hard to contain. I guess when you have so much personality smooshed into such a little body..thats what happens. Kinley is now 1 1/2 years old. Crazy! Time flies! Kinley climbs anything and everything. The other day I opened the door to our balcony and I looked over and she was half way up the wall, ready to bust out. She is so smart. I relize every mother thinks their child is a genius but she really is ;) She can say at least 70 words (that we can understand), she understands almost everything I tell her. I will tell her to do something, or go get something and she will do it right away. I swear sometimes shes a four year old. she is becoming more independent by the minute and starts Nursery on Sunday! I am really looking forward to that. For that past 9 or so months I havent been able to hear lessons being tought, have almost twisted my ankle several times for chasing her in 6 inch fault, and have shoved her face full of snacks so she would be somewhat quiet during the meetings. So I will be looking forward to Sundays from now on! Kinley is still a little girl...she weight in at a whole 20  pounds. ha! And is working on getting her 11th and 12th tooth. She loves wearing shoes and dressing up, loves putting things together and loves dancing. I love how she cracks herself up! She is going through this stage where she likes to bang her head on things...And I don't mean tapping it on my leg or the couch. I mean when she gets frustrated or wants attention she stops what she is doing, gets this look like she is going to hurt someone, looks around for the hardest and sharpest thing in the room, heads straight there and bangs her head on it as hard as she can. Let's just say her forehead constantly has at least 6 bruises on it at once. Some people say ignore it and she will stop. Well I have tried that and she continues to do it and I cant watch her hurt herself like that anymore so we are both learning and she has gotten better in the last few days.  It is very easy to get frustrated but I try really hard to remember that she is still 1. She doesnt understand why I am telling to not touch the cactus or to push the tv over. She knows exactly what gets me to react...but we are both new at this. She is learning how this world works and I am still learning to be a parent. Although she is my 'tornado, munkey shark' (self explanitory), I love her to pieces and I enjoy everyday with her. She is my little buddy and she makes me laugh so hard most days that I feel like my cheeks are going to fall off. Yes, we both have our bad moments...who doesnt?! But I still know she is one of the best things that has happened to me and she still looks at me like I am her hero. What more can I ask for?!

 Justin at his White Coat Ceremony

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